Lifeblood is about Tapping Into Jesus as the True Source of Renewal

Tapping Into Jesus as the True Source of Renewal

Out June 26

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Title: Lifeblood: Tapping into Jesus as the True Source of Renewal
Author: John Brandon
Publisher: CLC Publications
Publication Date: June 26, 2018
Editon: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1619582767
ISBN-13: 978-1619582767
Category: Christian Living
Size: 8×5.25 in


"Since I first encountered it, I've enjoyed John Brandon's writing. So I'm naturally excited about this new project--and all the more so that John is exploring one of the most important topics imaginable. His full-orbed, Christ-filled vision for the Christian life is compelling, and his writing is energetic."
Aaron Cline Hanbury, Editorial Director at RELEVANT Magazine
"John Brandon is among's standout columnists. His pieces are consistently well written, popular with our audience and a good read. He's very knowledgeable and resourceful. On a personal level, John is a pleasure to work with and a favorite among our writers. I love working with him!"
Laura Lorber, Executive Editor at Inc. Magazine
"Read John Brandon's Lifeblood at your own risk! If you dare read it, you'll be challenged to open the throttle wide for Jesus! A refreshing and challenging read in a day when so many are choosing the path of least resistance!"
Dave Johnson, Senior Pastor at River of Life Church in Elk River, MN
"An honest and transparent look at a biblical truth that needs to be heard in our day."
Pastor Joel Arndt, Senior Pastor at Community Alliance Church in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
"Lifeblood is a well written practical encouragement with down to earth word pictures that will relate to your everyday life."
Jeremy Moulton, Camp Shamineau

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"The idea with lifeblood is that we swim out into the deep end in our faith because we are having deep personal communion with Christ and so begin abiding with him in the wellspring of our daily routines. It means our every word and action flows from this communion, not from our own effort."
"We aren't even aware we're sinking, yet our commitment to Christ starts to falter. I wonder if there is anything we can do about that."